Our Story

Bagels With Deli began in 1998 as a fast-casual cafeteria-style eatery in shopping malls. It originated in Detroit, Michigan as Blooms Kosher Catering, featuring recipes passed down through generations. In 2005, our founder opened a storefront deli to offer our unique recipes.

Over the next 15 years, the Bagels With Deli team served numerous families, who valued our ability to provide a convenient one-stop shop for breakfast and lunch. We offer generous portions of our homemade healthy salads, power bowls, and specialty sandwiches. Our wide selection of both traditional and innovative options has garnered attention and admiration. There is something to satisfy everyone's taste!

Our History

In 2020, JAHA, a local restaurant group with over 42 years of customer experience and a strong hospitality culture, joined our family. Together, we strive to serve our local market in Delray Beach and expand to other communities across the United States.

In 2023, we proudly opened our second location in West Delray Beach, Florida. This modern contemporary establishment features the same traditional and unparalleled taste that brought us here. We take pride in being the most authentic and consistently excellent Bagels & Deli shop in South Florida.

We warmly invite you to come and experience our full range of flavors. Visit us today!

New Location...
West Delray Beach

In February 2023, Bagels with Deli proudly opened its second location. The project, expertly designed by Manhas Design, features a contemporary and modern aesthetic, providing ample indoor and outdoor seating in the stunning Plaza Delray. We invite you to visit us at our new location situated on the Southeast corner of Atlantic Avenue and Lyons Road.

Something for Everyone

Behind the deli counter, you'll find a variety of freshly baked items, including turkey breast, corned beef, noodle kugel, Greek orzo, potato latkes, and chicken matzoh ball soup. In addition to our in-house rolled and baked bagels, we proudly offer hand-sliced nova and a selection of high-quality cream cheeses.

Our menu also features an abundance of healthy options. We serve generous portions of our house-made salads, ranging from Honey Almond Chicken salad to Cranberry Lemon Dill Tuna. Additionally, our hearty salad bar offers choices such as low-fat veggie tuna and seared Ahi Tuna.

For meat enthusiasts, our offerings range from a simple kosher dog wrapped in bagel dough to a packed 2lb triple decker sandwich loaded with fresh-cut deli, cheese, and a delightful assortment of vegetables. Indulge your sweet tooth with our tempting desserts, including the delicious Black & White Muffin and our freshly baked rugelach, among other delightful treats.

Something for Everyone

Displayed behind the deli counter, you'll find freshly baked turkey breast, in-house cooked corned beef, noodle kugel, Greek orzo, potato latkes, and chicken matzoh ball soup. Alongside our bagels, which are rolled and baked in-house, you’ll find hand-sliced nova and countless flavors of cream cheese.

We also have plenty of healthy options. We offer generous helpings of house-made healthy salads: everything from Honey Almond Chicken salad to our Cranberry Lemon Dill Tuna. We also have a 50-item salad bar!

For dessert, you can sink your teeth into a yummy Black & White Muffin, opt for the house-baked rugelach, and so much more.


Robert Bloom


Robert Bloom started Bagels With Deli, “BWD,” in mall food courts during the mid 80’s. Robert’s BWD experienced rapid growth with plenty of opportunity for more but was constricted in offerings by the mall’s noncompete menu restrictions.

In 2005, Robert’s unwillingness to use a limited menu forced the opening of BWD’s first storefront deli in Delray Beach. Rob’s creativity and hard work led BWD to be a highly profitable Bagel-Deli Café and a local favorite for 17 years. 2019’s sales exceed two million dollars. No other deli or competitor has an equivalent menu.

Rob always believed that our made-fresh concept appeals to all genders, young and old; there’s something for everyone!

JC Gavilan is a strategic business executive with expertise in franchise development and operations in the US and Latin America. In 2012, JC served as project development manager and launched numerous successful franchises throughout Latin America on behalf of IMC, a private equity-owned company that operates 480 restaurants across the US and Latin America.

While at IMC, his development included seven Carl’s Jr., two Olive Garden restaurants, one Red Lobster restaurant, and various other local restaurant chains. Carl’s Jr. recognized JC as “Developer of the Year” for opening an establishment in Sao Paulo’s GRU airport.

From 2014 to 2018, as COO of Jaha Chicken, INC., JC led the acquisition and turnaround of 14 underperforming KFC franchises in Florida. His leadership returned the stores to profitability within 18 months and doubled average annual store revenue in four years, earning him award the award for “Most Successful Acquisition” from KFC. In 2019, JC’s expertise in financial analysis and M&A led him to initiate and complete the sale of Jaha Chicken, Inc.

JC has joined the BWD team for its development growth into the future; our partnership has resulted in 40% year-over-year sales and transactions growth!

Juan-Carlos “JC” Gavilan


Efthimios “Tommy” Zentefis


In 2000, Tommy started working in Lester’s Dinner. With hard work and dedication to service, Tommy advanced to District Manager of Lester’s restaurant portfolio. Tommy’s reputation for honesty, trust, and loyalty earned Lester’s Diner the title of “Best Breakfast/Diner” for several years. This track record eventually created an equity partner buy-in for Lester’s Margate diner.

Tommy’s annual revenues grew due to his resourcefulness and a game-changing delivery program. In ‘08, ‘09, & ‘10, Lester’s Diner earned the distinction of “Best Diner” by New Times Magazine of Broward/Palm Beach, along with “Best Diner” awards by “Best Restaurants in America”.

In 2013, Tommy successfully sold Lester’s and established “Clovino,” a check cashing / convenience store. An “Anti-Money Laundering” certification, savvy marketing, and creative business solutions (e.g., a USPS franchise outlet) resulted in profits.

In 2015, a family health emergency led to the sale of Clovino and a personal sabbatical year. In 2019, Tommy became an operating partner for IHOP. During his tenure, customers wrote letters expressing gratitude and awe of their dining experience while at Tommy’s restaurant.

Today, Tommy leads BWD’s day to day restaurant operations. His dedication and commitment to excellence are virtues found all too rarely, particularly in the restaurant world!

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