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This current style deli is a one stop shop that boasts generous helpings of house made healthy salads, everything from Honey Almond Chicken salad to our Cranberry Lemon Dill Tuna.  A great selection of old and new!  There’s something here for everyone.

Bagels With Deli opened its first doors back in the late 90’s in shopping malls. What started out as a fast-casual cafeteria style eatery has turned into a 2,800 square foot land of, "Wow look at that!".

Owner Robert Bloom, originating in Detroit Michigan, Grandson of Lillian Bloom and son of Harvey Bloom formerly, Blooms Kosher Catering, serves up recipes from generations handed down.


for everyone

Displayed behind the Deli counter are freshly baked turkey breast, in-house cooked corned beef,  noodle kugel, Greek orzo, Mozzarella stacks, potato latkes and chicken matzoh ball soup as well as countless flavored cream cheese, and hand sliced nova to accompany the in house rolled and baked bagels.

For the health conscious we have a 50 item salad bar with offerings from low fat veggie tuna to seared Ahi Tuna. For the meat lover, offerings start as simple as a kosher dog wrapped in bagel dough to the Beast Slayer a 2lb packed triple decker sandwich loaded with fresh cut deli, cheese, veggies and topped off with fried eggs.

For dessert, you can sink your teeth into a yummy Black & White Muffin or opt out for the house baked ruggies, and so much more.


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